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How I started this Music Blog?

Music has been a part of Richa's life since ever. My Parents are two renowned singers from Kerala, and their voice is the most beautiful thing i have heard in my life. Brought up in a musical family and trained to be a singer since school. However, I enjoyed writing more than singing. That is why I created this amazing blog about Indian Songs. I Often scroll IMDb to check what's cooking in the movies world and what are the latest and hip movies to watch.


I also keep visiting BOTY's list of Top 50 Indian Songs, to check which music  is at top right now. And once I find out my favourite music, my research on that song begins. Who has sung it? How is its music video? And what all other songs have been sung by the same singer.

As you might have noticed that i am over obssesed with Bollywood and Indian Classical Music. It is one of my virtues. No matter how much I love music, i never had an outlet to express my views. Clearly, I am not ver good at singing so I could not participate in singing reality shows like Voice, but I surely could create a blog to freely express my views without the fear of others judging me. And this is what I have done. My goal in making my musical voice heard begins with this blog.

I hope you will be a part of this blog and regularly follow each and everything I write. If you think i am wrong in my musical opinions then feel free to correct me.

Soon I will also start accepting content from more of you people, once i am established enough. If you are a singer, who has knowledge of Indian Music. Get in touch with me twitter and I will feature one of your videos as well.

Even if not on this platform, I have been lucky to connect with other fans of music, desi songs, and some really good signers. And I keep featuring them and promoting them from time to time. Having technical knowledge of music is another asset that I am proud to posses.

If you wish to improve your singing skills, i plan on creating music tutorials as well which I will then share on my YouTube Channel, which will be launched soon.

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